Take Advantage of Solar Heating Rebate

Consider switching to green electricity. Green electricity is generated from renewable sources such as wind and of course solar power, says the TEAM from Droogfontein Solar Power. One of the easiest ways is to install solar water heating.

Solar power is one of the most effective renewable energy sources available, so by replacing your conventional geyser with a solar heating system it is possible to target one of the most power-intensive household activities resulting in massive cost savings.

To actively encourage and promote the widespread implementation of solar water heating, Eskom has rolled out a large-scale solar water heating programme. This programme will assist you when buying an SABS tested solar water heater to replace your standard geyser.

In addition to the rebate that you will receive upon installation of solar water heating, many insurance companies are now allowing you to put your claim value towards a solar system or are offering solar water heaters as replacement in the event of a burst geyser.