June 2022.

Leboko Tyres, a local black-owned SMME based in Barkly Road, Kimberley, has not only grown into a sustainable small business over the last three years, but is set to expand its service offering thanks to further funding support from Droogfontein Solar Power. As a testament to the success of the business, the company has been able to co-fund the much-needed machinery, alongside the solar plant.

“This is a success story and evidence that hard work, training, mentorship and well placed funding can grow our local economy as well as stimulate local job creation,” said Zuki Ndlela, Economic Development Specialist for Droogfontein Solar Power.

Launched in 2019 as the first business-in-a-box containerised tyre dealership to launch in the Northern Cape, this local business is taking the next step to ensure customer retention as well as increased revenue. With the solar plant coming alongside the enterprise to assist them once more with funding for wheel alignment machinery, they will be able to offer a new service to the community.

“This new wheel alignment equipment will help us increase sales because customers prefer to fit tyres and align their vehicles at the same centre, meaning that we won’t lose out to our competitors due to our service offering,” explained Mr Ditebogo Daniel Leboko, owner of Leboko Tyres.

The solar plant believes that Economic Development programmes can help to steer local economies towards a more stable environment, nurture growth and create more jobs within these communities, which is a sure way to help empower other individuals and the surrounding communities.

Droogfontein Solar Power’s Enterprise Development includes initiatives to assist and accelerate the sustainability of local enterprises by ploughing financial resources into the areas of Kimberley, Riverton, Ritchie and Barkly West areas.