March 2024.

The Pikkewyntjie Crèche, a cornerstone of the Greenpoint community in Kimberley for the last 30 years, has started the 2024 school year with a significant upgrade to its facilities. This renovation enhances safety, space, and the overall learning environment for its young attendees and dedicated staff.

Established in 1994, the crèche has been an integral part of this community’s heritage, nurturing multiple generations. With two original staff members still part of the team, Pikkewyntjie Crèche’s commitment to early childhood development (ECD) remains unwavering.

Hlengiwe Radebe, Economic Development Director for Droogfontein Solar Power, which spearheaded this project as part of its Socio-Economic Development Programme, highlighted the dual objectives: enhancing educational quality and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. “Our long-term vision includes supporting ECD centres to become sustainable institutions that offer quality care and education,” Radebe stated.

The project, completed in December 2023, also underscored a commitment to community engagement and empowerment, employing local contractors and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs).

Overall, this infrastructure and ECD project signals the strengthening of foundations for future generations in Greenpoint, ensuring that children have access to safe, nurturing, and stimulating educational environments. It underscores the shared vision of Droogfontein Solar Power and the Department of Education to enhance ECD across Kimberley and its surrounding areas.

The renovation included significant structural repairs and upgrades:

  • Ceiling and Roof: Repair of damaged roof structures and ceilings, ensuring a safe environment.
  • Toilets: Overhaul of toileting facilities, with separate areas for boys and girls and modifications suited for young children.
  • Playground Equipment: Replacement and repair of outdoor play equipment to meet safety standards.
  • Additional Classroom: Conversion of a non-functional library into a classroom, increasing the crèche’s capacity to 75 children.
  • Toddler Room & Kitchen: Upgrades to the toddler room and kitchen for enhanced safety and functionality.
  • Educational Resources: Commitment to providing new educational materials in the upcoming quarter.


This renovation marks the second ECD centre in the vicinity to receive support from the solar plant’s development initiative within a year, coming after the Helen Joseph ECD centre’s upgrade. The programme aids ECD practitioners in Riverton, Ritchie, Barkly West, and Kimberley by enhancing their skills and qualifications, provides management and mentorship to centre managers, and guarantees that ECD centres adhere to National Norms and Standards, thereby raising the standard of education and care.