As South African celebrates National Youth Day this month, we are reminded that young South Africans are faced with the challenge of forging resilience to contribute to a better and more sustainable future, for their generation and the country’s future.

In support of this commemorative day, Droogfontein Solar Power commissioned a short video documentary, to illustrate how youth-owned enterprises in the Northern Cape have benefited from an Economic Development programme implemented over the last three years, funded by this solar project in collaboration with other stakeholders.

“We are happy to officially launch our youth impact documentary, produced to showcase the impact of our project’s enterprise development programme for youth-owned SMME’s, an initiative that has been built upon the reality of the high youth unemployment numbers in the communities, in the Kimberley area,” said Zuki Ndlela, Economic Development Specialist for Droogfontein Solar Power.

The documentary delves into the success stories of four community SMME’s, taking a look at how this collaborative initiative, designed specifically to support youth entrepreneurs, has worked.

One of these beneficiaries, Othie & Angie, a micro sewing business demonstrates how the company has been able to significantly increase its production and client base, with the provision of improved equipment, business skills training, a delivery vehicle and other funding.

“We are proud to have witnessed how the programme has helped close the gap in start-ups being able to become sustainable businesses that can thrive, helping to drive local economic development that is more robust,” concluded Ndlela.