Galeshewe SMME Village – Beauty Emporium

Norma’s Parlour received a business grant valued at R25 000

As a trained somatologist, Norma is focused on assisting her clients in improving their general wellness and aesthetic appearance through information and practice of healthy life style habits, product use and clinic treatments.
The focus of her beauty emporium is health, skin care and beauty treatments such as facials, waxing, tinting, massages, eye lash extensions, make-up, permanent make up, manicures and pedicures.   She also offers her clients make up tutorials and workshops.
She launched her business in December 2014 with funding from her parents and family and currently employs one staff member.

The business grant is being used to expand her business by adding a make-up and pedicure station to the emporium.

Tuesday 17/09/2013

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Monday 09/09/2013

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Majority shareholder, Globeleq is jointly managing the construction of Droogfontein Solar and will play a key role as the management company during operations.