Energy saving tips to consider when building a home

Here are some basic tips for energy saving building from the TEAM at Droogfontein Solar Power.


  • When building a new house, take the opportunity to include further energy-saving measures in the design. Building positioning, sun shading systems, window design, and integrated heating and cooling systems can naturally maximise home comfort and provide real low-cost energy savings.
  • A tin roof loses a lot of heat during the winter and gets very hot in summer. Insulate the roof and paint it white (reflects light and is therefore cooler) or use aluminium or other roofing materials.
  • A ceiling and insulation in a small house can reduce your energy requirements by as much as 124 kWh a month – saving roughly R50,00/month.
  • Build interior floors and walls out of materials that absorb heat when it’s radiated onto the material (daytime in winter), and release it when its cool (night time in winter concrete and stone are the best options.
  • Wooden floors are out, however, if a wooden floor is insulated properly (which can only be done when it’s installed) you will still gain something with a wooden floor.
  • A skylight in the roof allows natural light into the house on sunny days and eliminates the use of artificial lighting. Make sure that the sloping glass of the skylight faces north.
  • Natural materials (stone, timber, thatch and clay), often obtained locally, are most suited to keeping the home cool in summer and warm in winter. Mud bricks are an excellent source of insulation.

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