Energy saving tips for the bathroom

Geysers are the number one consumer of electricity in most households so it makes sense to practice good energy saving in the bathroom and kitchen – here are the Droogfontein Solar Power TEAM’s energy saving tips for the bathroom:


To start with there are two very real reasons to choose a quick shower over bath: water is a scarce resource in South Africa; and hot water requires energy to be heated and maintained.

  • A 5 minute shower uses less water than a full bath tub.
  • Install a more efficient shower fixture that uses less water
  • If you can, shower during the warmer part of the day and use cooler water
  • Shower in bursts. Get wet, turn off the water to lather, and then turn on the water to rinse.

Install a geyser timer

Consider the benefits of installing a geyser timer to save on energy costs. It’s a simple device that controls the time that your geyser comes on and switches off. With the geyser permanently on, every time the water temperature in the geyser falls below the set temp, it will switch on to return the temperature back to where it needs to be.

So first thing in the morning if hot water is required and then at night for showers and baths. Once everyone is done, the timer can be set to switch the geyser off and only back on again the next morning, so it doesn’t run all night.

Consider a solar heated geyser

Solar power is one of the most effective renewable energy sources available, so by replacing your conventional geyser with a solar heating system it is possible to target one of the most power-intensive household activities resulting in massive cost savings.

To actively encourage and promote the widespread implementation of solar water heating, Eskom has rolled out a large-scale solar water heating programme. This programme will assist you when buying an SABS tested solar water heater to replace your standard geyser.

In addition to the rebate that you will receive upon installation of solar water heating, many insurance companies are now allowing you to put your claim value towards a solar system or are offering solar water heaters as replacement in the event of a burst geyser.
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